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Hello-Hello Releases Chinese Language Learning Course for the iPad

Hello-Hello Opens Opportunities for Millions of People Learning Chinese Worldwide

Washington, DC, September 30, 2010 - Hello-Hello, a pioneer company for innovative mobile language learning courses, today has released the Hello-Hello Chinese app, which is a Mandarin Chinese language learning course for the contemporary iPad device. The new app offers 30 conversational lessons based on realistic situations supplemented with hundreds of flashcards containing words and sentences for vocabulary building. The content of the app has been developed in collaboration with the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) and is available in the iTunes store at an attractive priced tag of $9.99.

kids app for ipadHello-Hello has built the application with a combination of advanced audio, beautiful graphics and a research based learning methodology, to ensure an enjoyable, easy and fast learning process for every user, who are willing to learn Mandarin Chinese, which is today a key language for global cultural and for the international business environment.

Hello-Hello Chinese also offers to the users, fully localized content in the following languages: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. Users can select any of these languages and view the entire app including the translation of the lessons and flashcards in that language.

According to Sarah Gontijo, Hello-Hello's Founder & CEO, “Hello-Hello Chinese is a wonderful application to learn Mandarin Chinese language with ease. The Chinese language has placed itself among the key languages in global business and cultural environment, with approximately 900 million people speaking it. I am confident that our app will definitely help users to open new doors for employment and education."

Hello-Hello already offers a range of eight successful educational apps: Hello-Hello English, Hello-Hello French, Hello-Hello German, Hello-Hello Italian, Hello-Hello Portuguese, Hello-Hello Spanish and Hello-Hello Kids. More apps will be coming soon.

All Hello-Hello's language learning apps are based on an innovative learning approach powered by iPad's unique interface that gives users the freedom to access lessons anywhere, anytime. The content for all Hello-Hello apps is stored locally on the iPad itself and requires no network connection (such as Wi-Fi or 3G) to work providing speedy response time and easy access to learning on this device.

Learn chinese Ipad AppHello-Hello language learning website (www.Hello-Hello.com) offers FREE language courses combined with social networking where members can:

LEARN a new language with complete online courses that develop all the skills they need.

TEACH other members their language by providing feedback on their exercises and learn from native speakers by submitting exercises for them to review.

COMMUNICATE with native speakers through audio, video and text Chat to practice the Language and make friends all over the world!

The website was launched in August 2009 and today has a worldwide membership base that spans more than 70 countries.

About Hello-Hello

Hello-Hello is an innovative language learning company that offers state-of-the-art online and mobile courses. Hello-Hello's website couples social networking with language learning which allows users to interact with native speakers around the world. Hello-Hello's iPad apps are among the top language learning apps on the iPad. Our conversational courses were developed in collaboration with The American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL), which is the largest association of teachers and administrators of all languages at all levels, serving more than 12,000.

Bhaskar Choudhury
Media Relations

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